Training Our Operators and Mechanics

Our base training for a junior operator is 90 days. During this period the operator must complete four stages of testing and certifications. The mechanical tests require machine corrections with specific time limits. No one spends more time and money on operator training and support than we do.

Pre-con Meeting

Minegar attends pre-construction meetings prior to our time on site to ensure our understanding of policies and procedures as well as any site specific constraints. team meeting including the ready mix supplier, finishing contractor, concrete pumper, saw cutting company, testing laboratory and the laser screed contractor to discuss each possible problem and define the means and methods to successfully complete a quality floor or paving.


After receiving a site review by one of our supervisors, a plan is created with the operator assigned to your pour. Our trucking division, operators and mechanical support are all provided detailed dispatches prior to providing any and all services.

The Factory Connection

Minegar works closely with the Somero headquarters in Michigan as well as with their mechanical support in Florida. Our facility assisted in the creation and beta-testing of Somero's Sonic System manual as well as their quartz 3D system. Minegar employees still remain active members in Somero's design committees and consultations.

Cutting Edge

Minegar supervisors and operators participate in industry research and testing of hybrid concrete methods and means. Throughout our fifteen years in business we have placed over one billion square feet including all concrete placement, screeding and finishing at the 2003 Concrete Summit. We continue to provide concrete comprehensive placement including -but not limited to- foundation, panel, loading docks, freezer pads, freeway and parking lots.

Comprehensive Site Equipment

In addition to our laser screed rentals sector, we provide laser grading. Our graders can handle dirt, sand, and native soil as well as manage fine grading specifications. Light tower rental can be included -at an additional cost- in your laser screed rental costs. Typically one light tower provides enough light for 10,000 square-feet.